Frequently asked questions

How long will my arrangement in my bloom stone last?

We pride ourselves on using top quality flowers. Arrangments are guarenteed to last 7 days from delivery and will last longer with regulary watering.

How do I care for my arrangement?

Water every 2 days and trim focal flowers stem 1/4" - 1/2" after 3-4 days of receiving your arrangement. The cooler you keep your arrangement the longer it will last.

How do I clean my bloom stone before I get another refill?

Clean your bloom stone with lukewarm soapy water and a splash of bleach to ensure all bacteria is gone before getting a refill. If the bloom stone is not clean this can affect the lifespan of your next arrangements in your bloom stone.

What is a Bloom Stone?

A Bloom Stone is a handmade vase constructed from a peice of slate.

What is a refill?

Refill arranagements only apply to customers that have already purchased a Bloom Stone. Bloom Stones can be dropped off to Morinville where they will be refilled and ready for pickup or delivery within 1-3 buisness days. When you order a refill arrangement there are two options; standard refill arrangement and a premium refill arrangement. You can request color and types of flowers in the "add a note" section at checkout and we wil do our best to accomadate you.

How do I order a custom (event specific) arrangement?

The best way to order a specific arrangement to meet your needs is to contact us via phone or email and then we will send you a quote.

I have a budget of (X) and I dont care what flowers? How do I order?

We have arrangements under our "Shop' section and our designers can create an arrangement that fits your budget. You can also email us at hello@bloomstones.shop or call 780-460-2977 and we can make you an arrangement that fits your exact budget!